Starting in 2018, we tried a few names before landing on Bikini Bottom, “La Terrasse” and “Somewhere over the Rainbow” were names that we felt weren’t quite us. In 2019, we opened another restaurant in Hoi An and wanted something quirky and different so we rebranded into Bikini Bottom. If you like Spongebob, you know the inspiration 🙂 If you don’t, then we’re an American/Canadian diner and smash burger specialist with a weird, funny name.

Bikini Bottom has a lot of influence by Canadian Vietnamese Chef Le, also co-founder, hence the poutine you’ll see shortly. He left us early in 2022 for a better place and we would love you all to know about his influence and legacy that we carry on.

We continue our journey with the rest of our super cool team members who have been with us before and during Covid and have added more awesome people and grown to a bigger team. We’d love to hear what you think!

Lots of Love,